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Beijing Qifa Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. is a large and medium-sized exhibition planning organization service organization. The Ministry of Commerce key contact exhibition enterprises, China Association For Exhibition Centers member unit. The company was founded in December 2001, under the recruitment department, planning department, international department, advertising department, design department, network management department, information management department and other functional departments. Since its inception, has been successfully held hundreds of major exhibitions are held regularly every year. Exhibition involving NGVS China, Hydrogen equipment, Hydrogen fuel vehicles, Nuclear power equipment, National defense information equipment, Military police security equipment, Environmental hygiene, Waste classification, such as a dozen of Chinese medicine industry, making a batch of national famous exhibition brand, over the past 20 years. The company has cultivated a large number of professional talents with pioneering spirit and rich exhibition experience. With rapid development and continuous strengthening of strength, the company has become a dazzling new star in the exhibition field. Show now, looking to the future, "Qifa," people in line with "collaboration, enterprising, innovative and successful" spirit, adhere to the "honest and pragmatic, customer first" service tenet, actively with government and industry organizations at home and abroad (such as association, society) related media, professional groups to keep close contact and cooperation, strive to make the exhibition project "internationalization, scale", joint efforts, To promote the prosperity and progress of China's exhibition industry to make greater contributions.






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